Holidays with the Bible Story

This is an annu­al cam­pa­ign who­se aim is to teach chil­dren the true meaning of Chri­st­mas and Easter. When we are cau­ght up in the holi­day atmo­sphe­re, with the mil­lions of color­ful lights, beau­ti­ful orna­ments, the smells of food baking, the gifts and all the other attrac­tions that are part of holi­day tra­di­tions, we tend to for­get the real reason for cele­bra­ting that spe­cial season. And that reason is Jesus Christ, His coming to the world and His per­fect sacri­fi­ce on the cross that offers each of us the gift of eter­nal life. Tra­di­tions, howe­ver nice and attrac­ti­ve, only serve as an addi­tion to the real reason for which Chri­stians all over the world cele­bra­te the holi­day season. ICH­THYS Foun­da­tion, as a part of its annu­al Holi­days with the Bible Sto­ry cam­pa­ign, publi­shes books for young readers, enco­ura­ging others to give them to chil­dren during the holi­days. The books are pre­sen­ted at spe­cial gathe­rings for chil­dren, during hospi­tal visits, and in orpha­na­ges. Books are ava­ila­ble for distri­bu­tion witho­ut charge.